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Divorce Explained: An Overview of the Texas Divorce Process

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Alexandra Geczi

Alexandra M. Geczi PLLC | Family Law is different than other family law firms. We focus on minimizing conflict, exploring creative solutions, and planning brighter futures for our clients.

To do this, we utilize a holistic, client-centered approach that develops a customized team and resources around the client, not the firm. As a result, our clients receive the best experience and service possible at a great value. Our clients are educated about their rights and armed with a plan so that they launch into the next phase of life feeling confident, secure, and empowered. No wonder so many of our clients and colleagues consider us one of the best divorce attorneys in Dallas!


You get honest, straight-forward feedback. Whether the news is good or bad, you can count on us to communicate openly and honestly with you.

You get a top notch law firm as well as a top notch team. We examine the heart of the matter and work with a team of professionals so clients get what they really need.

You are empowered to make informed choices. We arm clients with information and regular updates so they can make important legal decisions and help us be better advocates for them. This approach has the added benefit of keeping costs reasonable for the client as well.

You have a choice. Traditional litigation may be the right approach in some cases, but mediation or collaborative law may be more appropriate in others. Clients choose what is best for them.


Anyone struggling with family conflict looking for a way to preserve their family and plan a brighter future.

We are conveniently headquartered in Dallas, Texas. However, we help clients throughout the State of Texas, including Dallas County, Collin County, Tarrant County, Denton County, Ellis County, Rockwall County, and other counties, as well as Richardson, Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Highland Park, University Park, Southlake, Westlake, Austin, Houston, and other cities.

Our years of experience enable us to be effective advocates who fight for our clients both inside and outside the courtroom. If you are looking for a top divorce lawyer or award winning family law attorney, you’ve come to the right place.


We are here to help you protect your family and plan a brighter future. Contact us here or call us at (214)269-4256. We work hard to promptly return calls, and can arrange convenient evening, lunchtime, and weekend appointments for your convenience.


Client Testimonials

Mrs. Geczi was professional, courteous and concerned. I felt in good hands from the start to the end of my divorce case. She advised me very professionally, and I received great value for the money. I…

J.H. – Manager of Financial Operations

When initially beginning my divorce, I opted for an aggressive firm with a high price tag. $10k later my divorce was not complete. I was in a bad place mentally and financially. On a friend’s recomm…

A.G. – IT Professional

I recently worked with Alexandra on a significant revision to an existing Marital Agreement. To accommodate my busy travel schedule, we collaborated extensively via E-mail and phone calls that kept th…

N.C. – Senior Business Leader

Alex was an incredible support during and after my divorce. She provided me the support to deal with the most difficult decision of my life. Alex has also continued to be an incredible resource for me…

A.B. – Director of Key Accounts

We were at our wits end with a CPS case. When we first met Alex, she was professional, knowledgeable and extremely realistic. She gave us instant peace. She went above and beyond to get results. She e…

S.H. – Stay-at-home mom
Alex represented me in my divorce, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without her! The first time I met Alex she gave me a good impression by giving me a roadmap the divorce process. As someone who…
B.A., working mom
Regarding his team’s mortgage specialist, John Snell: I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work John did for me over the past year. He was great throughout the entire process and I co…
A.B. - HR Specialist

Although my divorce was a difficult time in my life, your help and steady advice made the process evolve smoothly and without further stress. My ex and I have a positive relationship today and we work…

D.K. – Architect

I was referred to Alexandra by a friend who had used her services and spoke well of her.  I found Alexandra and her team friendly and knowledgeable, and the best group anyone in a legal bind could ho…

J.N., Bank Administrator
I chose Alex because I liked her style as an attorney. She was ready to fight for me while still being reasonable and objective. I had many fears going into my divorce, especially with regards to m…
A.H., Financial Manager & Mother

Cases and Blog

Representative Cases

Our client, the father, came to us when his ex-wife wanted to disrupt the custody arrangement that they had agreed to verbally the year before.  Under the terms of the last order of the court, she was the child’s primary conservator and entitled to make many of the parental decisions.  We were able to analyze the case and apply the right pressure to get to a settlement quickly so that our client became the primary conservator of the child.

Modification of Custody | SETTLED

Our client, the husband, came to us after trying to work out a settlement with his Wife without the aid of an attorney.  His Wife had hired an attorney early on and had the benefit of her attorney’s advice and counsel.  The husband soon realized that he had hit a roadblock in the settlement efforts when his Wife and her attorney became entrenched on an issue.  We stepped in and cleared that roadblock by informing him of his rights and advocating for his position in a more clear and effective manner.  We were able to hammer out the details in mediation, and both the client and his Wife were satisfied with the outcome.  As a result, not only will their children will benefit from having preserved their parenting relationship, but their divided marital estate was greater as well.

Divorce with children | SETTLED

Our client, the husband, came to us for a marital agreement.  He was in his second marriage and wanted to be sure his children from his prior marriage would be protected in the event of divorce.  Although the relationship was stable for now, both spouses had been through divorce and knew how devastating the divorce process could be.   Our client was also a busy executive, necessitating flexible communication.  We worked with our client’s busy schedule to create a document quickly and without drama.

Marital Agreements | CONTRACT AGREEMENT

Our client, the wife, came to us looking for help in a divorce involving a controlling and abusive husband.  The husband hired a “bulldog” attorney that continued the harassment throughout the divorce process.  We countered the obnoxious behavior with professional but firm advocacy for our client.  We used our investigative resources and tenacity to find hidden assets and dig up “bad behavior” by the husband.  At trial, we presented a strong case with a surprise attack, and our client ended up with a financial split and custody arrangement that she was very happy with.

High Conflict Divorce with children | TRIAL

Latest Blog

Reclaiming Your Strength: Making the Mental Shift from Victim to Survivor

It happened to you, and it wasn’t your choice. But as a survivor of infidelity or domestic violence, you do have a choice about how you shape your future. Although infidelity and domestic violence don’t always occur simultaneously, it can happen.  This is mainly because both acts involve poor levels of self-control and respect for women. Unfortunately, a lot of women blame themselves for their partner’s unacceptable behavior. Don’t be one of them. Here are some ways that you can use your experience to make the mental shift from victim to a survivor who has complete control over her choices and her life. Acceptance and Taking Action The first step toward reclaiming your power is accepting that you can’t change the person who abused and/or cheated on you. What you can do is change your life. Stop heeding the emotional and v...

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Free Resource

Divorce Explained: An Overview of the Texas Divorce Process

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