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Alexandra Geczi is an attorney, mediator, and founding member of the firm, Alexandra Geczi PLLC | Family Law.  Alexandra is also Owner/CEO of Chief Domestic Officer Solutions, an entity dedicated to enhancing the busy lives of stay at home spouses.

Alexandra’s Story
“Life is too short to spend it immersed in an unhealthy relationship.”

Imagine for a moment, what that statement means.

How do you think a person who is trapped in a bad marriage or unhealthy relationship feels?

Hopeless?  Afraid?  Depressed?  Angry?  Ashamed?  Like a Failure?

Now, throw kids into the mix.  If there are children in that relationship, how do you think they feel about being trapped in unhappy marriage?

Hopeless?  Afraid?  Depressed?  Angry?  Ashamed?  Like a Failure?

And if these children grow up feeling this way, absorbing that unhealthy relationship, modeling the behavior they see, how do you think that affects them?

Choosing to stay in an unhappy marriage doesn’t just affect the spouses.  A bad marriage has far reaching consequences, affecting the children, their children, and future generations.  One bad marriage can have a ripple effect on the rest of society that lasts decades.

I know, because I was the child of an unhappy marriage.

My name is Alexandra Geczi.  I’m a divorce lawyer who frees people trapped in bad marriages and guides them toward brighter futures.


My parents were married for 48 years, up until my father passed away in 2014.  Society traditionally celebrates such long marriages.  We assume that in order for such a long marriage to exist, the spouses must have been so happy together.  People jealously ask, “what’s your secret?”

Ironically, people don’t stop to think that it may not be love and happiness holding marriages together.  Toxic relationships can be just as powerful in keeping people together.  And as a society, we encourage this.  We don’t usually celebrate marriages that end in divorce.  Rather, we shame and stigmatize people rather than appreciating the courage it takes to walk away.

I can understand why my parents stayed together “until death do us part.”  They were immigrants who fled an oppressive regime in the 1960’s, and they carried with them a great deal of “baggage” as a result.  They struggled for years to pull themselves out of poverty and acclimate to a culture that could sometimes be hostile toward them.  But they became trapped in a marriage full of conflict and resentment because of cultural acceptance, societal stigma, fear, uncertainty, …the list goes on… and they remained stuck.  They held each other back from their dreams and full potential.

But my parents weren’t the only ones.  Growing up with conflict and resentment in our house affected my sister and me deeply.  We developed various coping mechanisms to deal with our confusion and pain, since we were too young to understand the complexities of adult relationships.

Here are a few of the things children in high conflict situations learn to believe/do:
  • All conflict must be avoided.
  • The only good relationship is one that is conflict free – which is impossible unless you learn to ignore or avoid the conflicts when they arise.
  • Children feel that they have to tell parents what they want to hear, so they learn to lie quickly and convincingly.
  • The children learn to strategize effectively to get their own needs met.
  • Some of these children will become isolated and lack confidence to stand up for themselves.  They can become the targets of bullies.
  • Others are desperate to feel accepted and secure, so they do anything to please the popular crowd, becoming defiant or making poor choices.
  • Some children strive for perfection, believing that if they are perfect, they can somehow be above the fray of the warring adults. They tend to be hard on themselves and lacking in compassion.

…the list goes on.

Today, my sister and I are married and have our own families.  Daily, I struggle with some of the coping mechanisms I developed.  Although I’ve used many of my coping mechanisms to accomplish many achievements and to get through other conflict that has arisen in my life, ironically, some of the things that have helped me achieve success have also held me back from achieving even greater success.  And, on a personal level, I’m not always the best wife, mother, sister, daughter, or friend as a result of those coping mechanisms.

For many of you reading this, my story may sound familiar.

So when I went to law school, I wasn’t really sure exactly why.  But since that time, I’ve learned a lot about my reasons and motivations.  I’ve come to realize that I want to help people trapped in bad marriages by educating them about their choice.  I want to show them that they have alternatives.  Divorce doesn’t have to be intimidating, and they can lead happier, healthier lives after divorce.  And their children can be happier and healthier, too.

Now, imagine a society full of happier, healthier people.

It’s not an idea anymore.  At Alexandra Geczi PLLC | Family Law, we are doing it.  We go beyond the legal aspect of divorce.  Of course, we offer amazing legal counsel throughout the divorce process, but we also create a roadmap for success and offer concierge services at a great value.  Our fresh, team-based approach to divorce not only benefits our clients but is also changing the way family law is practiced.

“Preparation and education are keys to success.”

If you are trapped in a bad marriage, please contact us now.  Don’t spend another minute in fear, uncertainty, or shame.

Divorce is a journey, and we’ve got your roadmap.
Let’s start this journey together.

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Alexandra’s Stats

Learn more about Alexandra by reading a recent article in VoyageDallas magazine, or listen to Impact Makers Radio interview of Alexandra where she and the host discuss ways that women can be empowered through the divorce process.

Licensed to Practice Law in:

TEXAS, 11/2006

New Jersey, 7/2005

Pennsylvania, 10/2004


Mercer University, Walter F. George School of Law, Macon, Georgia

J.D., May 2004, with Certificate in Legal Writing

University of Texas at Austin, College of Natural Sciences, Austin, Texas,

B.S. Zoology, December 1999      

Professional Associations & Training

Annette Stewart Inn of Court, 2008-present

The College of the State Bar of Texas, 2008-present

Dallas Bar Association, 2006-present  

Dallas Bar Association Family Law Section, 2006-present

Collin County Bar Association, 2008-2009, 2015-present

Attorneys Serving the Community (ASC), 2013-2014

Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL), 2006-2014

iFamily Collaborative Law Group, 2008-2010

DAYL Elder Law Committee, co-chair, 2007- 2009

DAYLympics Committee, co-chair, 2007- 2009

Collin County Young Lawyers Association, Board member, 2008-2009

Guardianship Ad Litem Training, self-study, February 2009; renewal CLE 2011

Collaborative Law Training, basic course presented by Central Dallas Ministries and Gay Cox, December 2007

Mediation Training: Basic and Family Law courses, El Centro College, January 2010/October 2009, respectively

Articles & Presentations

Blog for Alexandra Geczi PLLC,, various articles and updates

Newsletter for Alexandra Geczi PLLC, various articles and updates

“Trial Preparation from Start to Finish for Paralegals”, IPE seminar October 2014, co-presenter

“Grandparents Rights in Texas: Legislative Update,” City of Dallas Kincare Network, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Audelia Library Support Group; presentation September 2009

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“Save A Little Room For Me: The Necessity of Naming as Inventors Practitioners Who Conceive of Claimed Subject Matter,” co-author/research, 55 Mercer L. Rev. 635 (Winter 2004)

Honors & Awards

Super Lawyers Texas Rising Star 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

DAYL “One to Watch”, October 2008

DAYL Leadership Class, 2007

“Outstanding New Pro Bono Lawyer” Award, Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program, 2007