Allison Aryal

Allison Aryal is one of the attorneys on our team.  Allison is passionate about helping our clients through their difficult situations and has been a great resource for them.

Allison’s Story

Allison Aryal grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.  She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University and moved to Chicago after college.  There, Allison worked in Early Childhood Education, helping families resolve difficult situations.

However, Allison decided that she could do more if she went back to school and get a law degree.  She went back to Omaha and attended law school at Creighton University.  She discovered she had a gift for negotiation and competed on a national level in the American Bar Association’s Negotiation for Lawyers competition.  She graduated law school with a focus on Family Law and Legal Negotiations.

After law school, Allison relocated to Dallas, where she currently resides with her husband and their two daughters.  In her spare time, Allison enjoys baking, watching action movies, reading, and traveling.