What to Consider When Developing a Fair Visitation Schedule

When you and your spouse divorce in Texas and children are involved, a judge will issue a custody order that includes a visitation schedule. It may be based on a Standard Possession Order, a custom schedule that the parents create, or special requirements for children under the age of three. The option you go with will depend on your child’s needs (as well as their age) and the willingness of your spouse to create an ... Read More

Take Control: 4 Ways Women Can Prepare for Life After Divorce

When your marriage gets to that point where you know the end is in sight, you’ll likely be facing a variety of emotions. For many women, one of the most difficult feelings is that of uncertainty. Looking toward a future where all your plans need to change can seem overwhelming. While it may not be easy, there are ways that you can take control and prepare now for your life after divorce. The following actions ... Read More


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10 Factors Courts May Look at When Determining Custody

Clients often ask, "How do I prove to the Court that I'm the better parent?"  When dealing with custody issues, I encourage my clients to keep in mind that the Court will focus on what's best for your children, not about which parent "wins" or "loses".  So I would reframe the question; perhaps, "How can I show the Court that I've been a great parent?" may be a better choice of words. You should work with your ... Read More

5 Ways You Can Save Money in Your Divorce

5 Ways to Save Money in a Divorce You can hire one attorney to draft the paperwork, with the understanding that the attorney represents just one or neither of you. Use a mediator to help you and your spouse work through your issues.  Visit our mediation page to learn more about the process. Collect and organize records or other documents for your lawyer, instead of your lawyer or the lawyer's staff doing ... Read More

Can one lawyer represent both of us in a divorce?

Clients often ask, "Can you represent both of us in our divorce?"  The answer is, "No, a lawyer can only represent one of you, even if your are in total agreement on all issues." Not only is hiring one attorney for both of you unethical, but it can also be a bad idea.  A lawyer who represents both parties creates a conflict of interest because he or she cannot independently advise each of you in the event you ... Read More

Texas Adult Adoption: Where do I file?

Where do I file my adult adoption? Texas Family Code Sec. 162.502 states: JURISDICTION.  The petitioner shall file a suit to adopt an adult in the district court or a statutory county court granted jurisdiction in family law cases and proceedings by Chapter 25, Government Code, in the county of the petitioner's residence. What does that mean?  It means that the adoptive parent should file the suit for adult ... Read More

Texas Adult Adoption: Does my husband or wife have to file with me?

Yes. Under Texas Family Code Sec. 162.503(b), "If the petitioner is married, both spouses must join in the petition for adoption." Why do married spouses have to file jointly for an adult adoption in Texas? One of the effects of an adult adoption is that the person being adopted loses the right to inherit from biological parents.  Therefore, one reason may be that in the case of a step-parent who is married to one ... Read More

We help our clients with name changes!

One of the things that makes it so great to work with us is that we offer things that our competitors don’t.  Our clients get the customer support and concierge service of a top law firm for a fraction of the cost. For our DIY adult adoptions and divorces, we include a special bonus that none of our competitors offer – a name change notification packet – at no additional cost. What’s included in our name change ... Read More

4 Reasons a Texas Judge might deny your adult adoption!

What are the reasons a judge might deny an Adult Adoption? Generally, the courts will not interfere with an adoption of a consenting adult.  However, there are instances where a judge may deny or reject the adult adoption.   These are 4 common reasons that we see - The adoption is being sought to defraud creditors, evade criminal prosecution, or avoid responsibilities under the law. One of the parties to ... Read More