Separating Fact from Fiction: 6 Common Misconceptions About Divorce

It seems that most people always have advice for others regarding situations they’ve never been in themselves, and divorce is no exception. If you’re thinking about divorce or are already in the middle of one, you probably read and heard things that make you worry. What many fail to realize is that a lot of the advice out there is really just full of fallacies—here are six of the most common misconceptions about ... Read More

Texas Custody and Relocation

Having a child changes your whole world, and if you end up getting a divorce or are separated from your child’s other parent, the details of parenthood will be a little more complex because of custody arrangements. When you are a resident of Texas, parents are awarded joint legal custody unless there has been a history of abuse or violence. This means that both parents have an equal say in the decisions regarding how ... Read More

It’s Not All About Money: 3 Intangible Marital Contributions of Stay-at-Home Parents

Getting a divorce often requires pulling out a calculator and figuring out a fair division of assets and property, making sure that both sides get what they need. But if what if one of the individuals has been a stay-at-home parent and doesn’t have a monetary value to place on their contributions? It can be a tricky situation to work with, so it’s important to not sell yourself short when evaluating the intangible ... Read More

Alexandra Geczi Elected as a Fellow to the Texas Bar Foundation

Alexandra Geczi of Alexandra Geczi PLLC | Family Law has been elected as a Fellow to the Texas Bar Foundation as a result of her outstanding professional achievements and demonstrated commitment to the improvement of the justice system in Texas. Only a fraction of attorneys achieve this honor. Every year, only one-third of one percent of attorneys in the State Bar of Texas are invited to become Fellows. After ... Read More

Hidden Assets and Divorce: 6 Red Flags to Watch For

When your relationship is no longer working and it’s clear that a divorce is on the horizon, many aspects of your life will change. One of the larger topics to think about is how your finances will look after a divorce because you could be potentially facing a huge lifestyle change. It’s crucial that assets from both parties are transparent, because the amount of money available will determine what steps each person ... Read More

The Chief Domestic Officer: What Stay-at-Home Parents Should and Should Not Expect in Their Divorce

As a chief domestic officer, you have tackled how to run your household and know the ins and outs of what daily life looks like. From running the finances to managing the grocery shopping and cooking, you’ve created a sustainable system that meets the needs of you and your children. But what happens when a divorce gets thrown into the mix? Your routines and responsibilities might change quite a bit, so it’s best to ... Read More

When Life Demands a Change to Your Child Support Order

The ability to create a child support agreement that meets everyone’s needs is always the best scenario when it comes to divorce, and a lot of the time couples can make this happen successfully. But what happens if you’re several years into the agreement and things change in your life, making the current agreement tough to abide by? There are a few life events that can create the need to change a child support order, ... Read More

9 Divorce Considerations for Stay-at-Home Moms

If you're thinking about divorce, below is a quick list of things to consider when contemplating divorce.  Be sure to consult with an attorney about any of these options before acting on them, to ensure they are done in a way that won't backfire on you or get you in trouble. 1) Set up an individual account in your own name at a bank that is different than the one you have joint accounts at with your husband.  And ... Read More

When Love Goes Too Far – How To Protect Yourself From A Stalker

We see it in movies all of the time, where a scorned lover is so hurt that they begin to stalk someone. It looks scary when we see it on a screen, yet when it happens in real life it can be downright terrifying. In the state of Texas, there are specific actions that, when done repeatedly, are considered stalking. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it can be a painful reminder for some and can trigger them to engage ... Read More

The Less-Stress Divorce

Getting divorced is oftentimes associated with a great many negatives, including debilitating stress, fatigue, uncertainty, and intense contention. And certainly, there are occasions where those without a strong support system or who lack the appropriate legal guidance will fall prey to these stereotypes. Some people—far too many—even choose to stay in a bad relationship simply for fear of the impact a divorce will ... Read More