8 Ways you can cut expenses during your divorce

A divorce can create havoc both emotionally and financially. One household is split, and the income that once supported that one home now has to support two. Add to that attorney’s fees, divided assets, credit issues, and other financial road bumps… Parties may have to get creative about allocating income and budgeting. Below are suggestions to help ease the financial transition. Be sure to discuss these suggestions ... Read More

Best in Client Satisfaction!

Congratulations, Alexandra! Alexandra Geczi PLLC | Family Law congratulates Alexandra Geczi for being honored with the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys' award for "10 Best" 2015 Client Satisfaction Award. The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys recognizes excellence and gives this award to only a select group of attorneys in the State of Texas. ... Read More

Model for a day

I recently had the opportunity to work with Corrie Barto of Corrie Barto Photography to update my professional photos.  Although Corrie's focus is on senior pictures and family photos, I could see is a talented photographer, and I thought her style would make a good fit for my firm.  So we both stepped out of our comfort zone, and Corrie met me at the Collin county courthouse for a photo shoot.  We did two set ups - ... Read More

3 Tips on Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

As the holiday season approaches and online shopping gains momentum, it becomes more important to protect your personal information from identity theft.  Below are a few ways you, the consumer, can protect yourself from identity theft and fraud this holiday season. 1) Get a copy of your credit report.  You should do this on at least a yearly basis, but quarterly would be even better.  Fortunately, Americans have ... Read More

Presidential family law trivia

Which U.S. president got divorced? Ronald Reagan. Which U.S. president had the most children? Officially, John Tyler (served 1841-45).  He had 15 of them with two different wives.  Which U.S. presidents were adopted? Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, and possibly Barack Obama (depending on who you ask) were adopted by their respective step-fathers. Interested in adoption?  Alexandra Geczi PLLC | Family Law is a ... Read More

Congratulations, Alexandra!

Congratulations to Alexandra Geczi for being rated "Excellent" by Avvo.com!  Alexandra has an 8.5 out of 10 rating, and a 5 Star rating by her clients. The Avvo rating recognizes Alexandra as a leader in her field, and highlights key values that helped her get there: Honorable character Wide spread credibility Meeting high standards Exposure within the legal community Recommended by peers and ... Read More

If I live with someone, are we common law married?

I often get calls from parties wondering if the person they've been living with or had a child with are now their husband or wife by common-law marriage.  Generally, you need more than just living with someone or having a child together to create a common law marriage. What is a common-law marriage? In Texas, a common-law marriage is an informal marriage between a man and a woman who live together, agree to be ... Read More

Flat fee legal services

We understand that some legal matters don't have to be complicated and expensive. Alexandra Geczi PLLC | Family Law now offers flat fee legal services for certain types of family law matters, such as flat fee uncontested divorce, flat fee adult adoptions, flat fee name changes, and flat fee agreed modification of child support.  To learn more about our flat fee legal services, click here.   ... Read More

What is an adult adoption?

In Texas, a court may grant an adult adoption.  An adult adoption is where one adult adopts another adult.  There are a variety of reasons for an adult adoption, the main reason being that it would affect inheritance rights.  It is most often used by step-families with older children who want to be adopted by their step-parents or by same-sex couples to confer certain benefits.  One major difference between an adult ... Read More

Trivia: Who holds the record for Most Married Woman? Most Married Man?

According to the internet: A lady named Linda Wolfe holds the world record for the Most Married Woman.  She married 23 times (and divorced almost as many). Her last husband was Glynn Wolfe, who married her to become the world’s Most Married Man (29 times).  He died a year later.   ... Read More