How Relocation Impacts Your Family

Considering a move to Texas?  You may want to think about how relocation can impact your family. As our society becomes more mobile, it becomes important to know how relocation can affect your family.  Relocation can cause divorce or impact  your parental rights with respect to child custody, visitation, and child support.  Moreover, estate planning may need to be adjusted to comply with the rules of your new home ... Read More

Judgment to Equalize Property Division

What if my spouse fails to pay the debt he or she was supposed to pay? Sometimes, when negotiating a property division, the only reasonable way to divide the debt is for one party to promise to pay debt and to pay the other party a sum of money.  In a Final Decree, this promise to pay is set out in a judgment to equalize the property division. So, if the party who is obligated to pay the debt fails to do so, then ... Read More

Debt & Divorce in Texas

How would you address your debts in a divorce? In today’s economy, debt is becoming a greater concern for couples, particularly for couples facing divorce.  Most commonly couples incur debt through the use of credit cards, student loans, car loans, and medical bills.  In a divorce, the question becomes, who will pay for it? Neither party wants to be burdened with debt during such an unpleasant point in their lives.  ... Read More

Alexandra Geczi selected a Super Lawyer

Congratulations to Alexandra Geczi for being selected as a Texas Super Lawyer Rising Star for 2014.  Alexandra has been selected for this honor four of the last five years.  Selections are based on nominations from other attorneys and are awarded to only 2.5% of the attorneys in Texas.  We are honored to have received this special award, and we thank all those who supported Alexandra. To learn more about Alexandra ... Read More

The Texas Divorce Process – Part 3 of 3

Once the parties have gathered sufficient information about the case, then it is time to consider settlement efforts.  Most family law cases tend to settle, sometimes even on the day or eve of trial.  Settlement efforts can be as informal as email exchanges or phone calls between attorneys, or more formal like proposal letters or mediation. Mediation is a process that involves the parties going to a neutral person ... Read More

The Texas Divorce Process – Part 2 of 3

Most divorces are not completely uncontested.  For those situations, there is a general order of procedures.  In some cases, parties will need temporary orders.  Temporary orders set the “ground rules” for the divorce.  They establish who will get to live in the house, who will pay the bills, what the visitation with the kids will be, who gets to drive the cars, etc., while the case is pending.  Temporary orders are ... Read More

The Texas Divorce Process – Part 1 of 3

To begin a divorce, one of the parties to the marriage must file a Petition for Divorce.  That person is called the Petitioner, and the person who will be responding to the petition is called the Respondent.  The Petitioner must give notice to the Respondent that a petition has been filed.  This can be accomplished by the Respondent either signing a Waiver of Service, or being served with the petition by a law ... Read More

What constitutes a Marriage in Texas?

What is a ceremonial marriage? A ceremonial marriage is different from a common-law marriage and is often referred to as a “formal” or “licensed” marriage.  For a valid ceremonial marriage, a couple must obtain a marriage license from the county clerk in any county in Texas and participate in a marriage ceremony conducted by a person authorized to do so. Can same sex couples marry? No.  A person cannot get a ... Read More

Avvo Congratulates Alexandra Geczi

Congratulations to Alexandra Geczi for being rated "Excellent" by  This rating recognizes Alexandra as a leader in her field, and highlights key values that helped her get there: Honorable character Wide spread credibility Meeting high standards Exposure within the legal community Recommended by peers and clients To learn more about Alexandra Geczi, visit, or look for her ... Read More