Relationship Insights from Divorce Attorneys: 4 Things You Need to Know

When it comes to love and marriage, the statistics are a bit harrowing. We’ve all heard the old warning that half of all marriages are doomed to fail. Although divorce rates have actually been decreasing in recent years, they remain significant enough to make people uneasy about committing. As a divorce attorney, I’ve helped a lot of people work through one of the most emotionally volatile times in their lives and ... Read More

My Husband Just Filed for Divorce – What Do I Do?

If you have been served with divorce papers, or your husband has told you that he is has filed for divorce (or will file soon), what do you do?  Below are six steps to take back some control of the situation. Don’t panic. Stay calm.  You may experience a sense of urgency, but it is probably not a true emergency.  Domestic violence, family violence, and physical abuse are emergencies.  In those situations, ... Read More

4 Ways to Keep Conversations About Divorce Productive

You have been unhappy for awhile. Maybe your spouse has been too. Perhaps you’ve even been sleeping in separate bedrooms for months. When you speak to one another, the conversation is civil but entirely lacking warmth. For months, the only thing that has really kept you in the relationship is the children and your concerns about what a divorce could do to them, but seeing a counselor has helped you deal with those ... Read More

How to Assemble the Best Divorce Team

Divorce affects multiple aspects of your life, so it makes sense that you should assemble a team to help you navigate the process and achieve the best results. Ideally, you want team members who can support every aspect of your experience, from legal to financial to emotional. Each of these categories includes professionals with different areas of expertise, so which ones should you approach? In this blog, ... Read More

You Get What You Pay For: The Dangers of DIY Divorce

Maybe you’ve been thinking about doing your own divorce. While this is certainly your right, is it the wisest course of action for such an important and life-changing process? These days, people are attempting to do things that they used to leave to the professionals. Trying to save money and resources, they download information and kits off the Internet and try to handle these tasks themselves. While the DIY ... Read More

6 Tips to Survive the Holidays When You Can’t Stand Your Spouse

Prepare and Plan Your Divorce. First and foremost, find an attorney that you trust and who will help you plan and prepare for your divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer with a supportive team can help get you through the holidays with confidence. Divorce takes time, and pre-divorce planning improves the chances of minimizing the disruption to you and your children. Through pre-divorce planning you can take the time ... Read More

Mortgage Breakup: Should I Keep the House After My Divorce?

Divorce is one of those events that can shake your very reality. Everything in your life has changed and will continue to change, and you may even find yourself clinging to your marital home as a lifeline and source of stability in your new situation. You may desperately want to keep it, but should you? This is one of those questions without a quick and easy answer. Whether or not you should hold onto the house ... Read More

Class Ceiling: Is Private Tuition Payable in a Texas Divorce?

When it comes to child support, Texas uses a standard support formula referenced in the Texas Family Code. In 2017, there is a ceiling of $8,500 on the amount of child support that can be calculated, and the presumed maximum amount for one child is 20%, or $1,700. It doesn’t matter if you have custody of the children after years as the home’s Chief Domestic Officer and your ex is a Fortune 500 executive making ... Read More

When Words Hurt: Helping Your Child Cope With Bullying at School

Bullying is a focal point of media attention these days. Taylor Swift wrote the anti-bullying anthem “Mean” to rebuke her high school tormentors, and celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Demi Lovato, and Lady Gaga have all lent their voices and personal experiences to the cause. It has all served to bring public awareness to what parents have always known: kids can be cruel. Schools are attempting to deal with the ... Read More

Find Your Independence and Freedom: 3 Things That May be Holding You Back After Divorce

The day that you find out that your spouse wants a divorce can be one of the most heartbreaking (or to some people, the most joyous) days in a person’s life. Regardless, it can shake the very foundation of your life’s structure and routine, and if you’ve been the Chief Domestic Officer of your home, it’s normal to wonder what will come next. It’s natural to go through a gamut of emotions: fear, anger, sadness, ... Read More